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New toys!


So after taking a break from Lati Yellows, I really miss having them as my photo subjects x: Nothing really photographs as well as they do because of their uber-cuteness hehe. I got these Squinkies (FINALLY) using Iana’s amazon gift card. They are the perfect size for LYs. Who would’ve guessed, right? Now I need to get the other princess sets! Nothing else out there really calls out to me, except the Avengers series for my possible future LY boy. Don’t know if that will ever come to fruition, though. I have bad luck bonding with boys ):

151/366: Metallo!!

Yesterday, we ate at Mitsuwa, and Mom bought me all kinds of things, heh. I got 4 new folders. (WOOO! All the ones I’m using now are falling apart already.) Then I got a One Piece and Unicorno blind box. Although I really wanted Stellina, I’m so happy with Metallo! He’s such a cutie ((: So those are my updates for now .. I’m still waiting on Lati to ship out the LPP dolls. I think a few more people have started to get their shipment notices now (: I hope Lati can make their deadline of June 11th! Although I wouldn’t complain if they were late and I got points! That would give me about $215-230, depending on how Lati calculates it!


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