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126/366: Happy birthday, Luffy~! :D

Along with it being Cinco de Mayo, it’s Luffy’s birthday today! I haven’t really touched my Pullips & company for such a long time, though I must admit they pose well compared to Blythe on their Takara bodies! Most of my babies’ eyelashes have fallen off or are super wonky now. I also have random wigs lying around, since I never actually permanently attached them to any of their heads. Reinor is probably in the worst shape – he was on a Fiori body, so I always had to cover up his stained legs .. But then his feet have broken off, too x: I guess I should get him an obitsu (if the ones in his size even exist anymore?!). I really should have re-homed them a while ago when I was still familiar with the Pullip community, but even now, I feel a strange attachment to them. Maybe since they were the dolls that started this whole new hobby for me, it’s just that much harder to let each of them go.


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