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Would you call this progress?

I got my alpaca re-rooted scalp from Pip in the mail yesterday! 😀 I have no idea where my Prairie Posie is, though! <___< I feel like sellers constantly mark my items as shipped when all they've done is printed out a shipping label I: That should not count if they don't ship within the next business day. So now I've got a tracking number that doesn't work because my package hasn't been accepted yet – so it probably won't work until Monday at this rate rawr. I've already got the eyechips I want to use for her, but I'm still waiting on other supplies from Coolcat so I can start practicing carving on my RBL faceplate! Waiting for international mail is hard! xD


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I'll be posting mostly about dolls on this blog! All of these photos have been linked to their original sources. Please do not use photos without proper credit.


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