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It’s been a while, but ..!

I have something to show off this time! (: Marceline was finally completed in a way that’s acceptable enough for me haha.

I think I might add different shades of brown to her eyeshadow + add some more colors to her blush as well. I actually wanted to give her two teeth, but I have issues with making things symmetrical haha. So I scrapped the second tooth and just kept this one (:

Oops! I seem to be partial to her red eyes, haha. I have other pictures with her other eyechips, but I guess I’ll show them off another day (:



Something of an update!

138/366: WIP

This is what she looks like currently .. I’m really sad I carved out so much. Now that I painted the first face I carved, I like the cat-like smile better. This one just looks like she got hurt x: I might turn her into something else later or scrap it completely. From this angle, her lips don’t look as crazy, but from the front, I feel like they’re way too full! Anyways. I’ll probably sell this face plate on eBay or sell the doll as bait and then buy another D:


Things are coming together for my Marceline custom! I have my alpaca re-root from Piparott coming in the mail as of yesterday (UK time). Tools are coming from CC and I’ve already got her new eyechips. I also just bought a Praire Posie to be her base (: I’ve actually received a blank FBL faceplate which I’ll use for practice – I mean, I really don’t want to mess up her smile! All I need to do now is wait for everything to arrive x) I’m so excited!

Adventure Time!

I recently started watching Adventure Time as a way to pass the time. Little did I know, this show is super addictive! The artwork is simplistic, but super cute! I fell in love with the show so fast that I even bought myself the Slamacow Finn (pictured below with Icarus the Alpaca). Now to get Jake! :’D


And with the recent invasion of Blythe into my life .. I’m even planning to make a Marceline custom Blythe! Yay! She’s just such a cute character!

I’ve ordered an RBL faceplate to practice carving. I’ve never done any carving work on Pullips, but I’m excited to try Blythe out. I’m probably just going to get a Simply Guava/Mango or one of the cheaper girls to customize. I’m going to get an alpaca reroot done as well so that her hair can “flow” heh. I think I’ve already got three sets of eyechips picked out for her. Not sure what I’m going to do for her lips (and more importantly, teeth!!), but I guess I’ll draft up some potential carvings sometime! I just love her little smirk. I was thinking semi-ducky lips with slightly upturned lips + sculpey teeth. Since I’m not experienced carving, sculpey will probably be the better choice heh. The other day, someone brought up lip stickers at Blythe Kingdom. I had no idea those existed, but I noted that template versions are offered! I might just have to snag some up!

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