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Lati’s Wizard of Oz – HK Release

Lati's Wizard of Oz *__*
I’m a bit late in talkinga bout them here, but I’ve had my eyes set on Lati’s latest release. I think they did a great job with this one in the variation. I still would like to see more colors in their faceups rather than just seeing the orange again (look at Gilly!), but all these dolls are fantastic. These are the three I’m really hung up on.

1. Lion Bayer. I don’t like the Bayer mold and never thought it would ever appeal to me, but mannnn I love this one! And the lion’s my fave ❤ I'm almost thinking Lion Bayer's my first choice of the three!
2. An ELF Lami. I highly prefer elf ears to human ears after all! when I first got Eloise (my Halloween Kuroo), it seemed odd that she had human ears! I guess a lot of people out there don’t like the elf ears, though! Lami was the first Lati I fell in love with. How weird is it that I don’t have one yet? xP
3. Tinman Lea! Always a fave of mine. I love her faceup here (: I love the speckles in her eyes as well as her sad little faceup here! She looks very Lea-ish in this release, which I love! My brother was the tinman in his first production of Woz, while I was a munchkin .. LOL.

For now, though .. I’m still waiting on my paycheck. It seems like the other interns didn’t get paid, either. I talked to Raman yesterday, and he told me to talk to HR. I guess they’re working on processing them now, but I still don’t know when I’m getting the first two weeks’ paycheck OR if I’m getting my paycheck tonight either D: But Lati will stop taking orders on the 20th, so I still have lots of time. I’m still waiting on them to ship my LPP order, too /: I’m not too sure about Fox lea anymore after seeing owner pics .. They said the order will ship next week, but I doubt it, being Lati and all x:


New toys!


So after taking a break from Lati Yellows, I really miss having them as my photo subjects x: Nothing really photographs as well as they do because of their uber-cuteness hehe. I got these Squinkies (FINALLY) using Iana’s amazon gift card. They are the perfect size for LYs. Who would’ve guessed, right? Now I need to get the other princess sets! Nothing else out there really calls out to me, except the Avengers series for my possible future LY boy. Don’t know if that will ever come to fruition, though. I have bad luck bonding with boys ):

151/366: Metallo!!

Yesterday, we ate at Mitsuwa, and Mom bought me all kinds of things, heh. I got 4 new folders. (WOOO! All the ones I’m using now are falling apart already.) Then I got a One Piece and Unicorno blind box. Although I really wanted Stellina, I’m so happy with Metallo! He’s such a cutie ((: So those are my updates for now .. I’m still waiting on Lati to ship out the LPP dolls. I think a few more people have started to get their shipment notices now (: I hope Lati can make their deadline of June 11th! Although I wouldn’t complain if they were late and I got points! That would give me about $215-230, depending on how Lati calculates it!


114/366: Blowing Kisses

After receiving my Nutcracker Lea from Lati the last month, I’ve felt disconnected with my BJDs. I can assure you that this is what spurred my recent re-interest in Blythe. I had owned a CCC before, who I adopted out pretty soon (to my regret now!), but never hit it off with Blythe or the community. Anyways, I can’t exactly give up on Latis now because I’ve met so many awesome people through the community. Lati pictures get the most comments on my stream. I also ordered three dolls – yes, THREE – from Lati’s Le Petit Prince set @___@ I ordered before Lea came with all her imperfections, so I was kind of stuck with my decision. Since people are still waiting for their dolls from the Nutcracker release, I won’t be holding my breath for the LPP dolls to be shipped anytime in the 60 business day period they allow themselves.


I feel like I’m sort of floating around, not really belonging to one doll community anymore. Even though the Latis and Minifees I own are part of the larger BJD community, not that many people have the same overlap that I have with these dolls, so I end up getting the same people commenting only on pictures of mine that feature a specific doll that they themselves own. I mean, it makes sense. Just feel kind of lazy sometimes uploading photos, though! (Not that getting comments is the point of Flickr, of course.)

Doing the Photo A Day for 365 Days challenge for this year is proving to be quite fun. I decided to try this year since it’s a leap year and all. Sometimes I feel forced to take pictures, but other days I get really nice results. I felt that I was taking pictures often enough that it wouldn’t be too much of a challenge, and with the added bonus of owning an iphone with instagram, I can still get pictures on the days that I get home after the sun goes down or when I’m just too busy to be “artistic.”

Bremen Circus

The teaser pictures for Lati’s Bremen Circus release were put up last night. Ruki’s (?) faceup just reminds me of the NC release. I think their faceups aren’t unique nowadays, like they’re focusing on just putting out as many tans as possible. About the tans – I love them, of course. But I feel like all of a sudden, they’re focusing on the tan skin aspect of the releases. People have mentioned that by releasing so many tans, the dolls are getting more affordable. That’s really true – I expected the NC tans to go for higher prices on the market, but it seems like the demand either isn’t there, or the prices just keep falling because the initial list prices were too high. I’m glad that more people are able to afford buying dolls from the secondhand market. Someone had also mentioned that they don’t care that these dolls are “special.” Well, I see them as both personal “toys” and collectors’ items.

I’m also not too thrilled that they’re releasing dolls again so soon. Even though I got my Lea before the 60 days were up, she came to me with some pretty bad flaws. After that, I felt discouraged to buy from Lati again. Then I realized people are STILL waiting for NC dolls to even ship. Plus, they released a green limited line, and now the Bremen dolls are coming out in just over a week. Lati just has so much on their plates right now; when are they going to catch up again?

Enough of that! I can’t wait to see the rest of the dolls. Naturally, Lati releases are the funnest after dolly arrivals. I’m only looking to add a tan Miel to my family. I don’t think they’ll make another so soon after the LRRH limiteds, but we’ll see!

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