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A wonderful interview + giveaway! ( interviews Cocochoo)

Go to to read the full interview with Coco! It’s worth a read – especially because we get to see the face behind the artist n__n Coco and BlytheLife are also teaming up to give away this amazing faceplate shown above!

Coco’s Flickr | Coco’s Site | BlytheLife

I’ve been a long time fan of custom Blythes. Some artists are just so amazing when it comes to bringing their ideas to life. Coco is no exception to that. What I’m most curious about is the tools that customizers use on their dolls – specifically for carving! When I was still into Pullips&company, there were few people actually modding or carving. But it seems that the majority of customizers carve out their Blythes’ lips. While I’ve only done minor mods (boggled eyes, sleep eyes, eyechip changes), I’d love to get into carving. With my Marceline custom in mind, I’ll have to do just that in order to achieve her smile! I wonder if I’ll be able to paint lips, though – that’s always been a struggle for me :’P


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