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I went to the dollndoll website and saw that they planned to discontinue Bubble and some of the other Heart dolls as basics! For this goodbye event, Bubble was listed at 30% off her regular price! The event was only extended until the end of June, but I was still able to order her yesterday with a confirmation from the company! ^__^

I’m so excited that I’m going to have my own Bubble! After looking at more owner pictures, I feel like I’m really going to love her when she arrives! The problem is she’ll be my first Yo-SD, meaning I have no clothes for her X: Well, some Blythe sized clothes fit this line of dolls, so hopefully she’ll have something she can wear ^__^; I actually had planned to get Pukifee Pong for my next doll if I didn’t like Lati’s HK limiteds, but I couldn’t pass up basic Bubble, who has been on my wishlist since the first time I saw her picture!


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