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114/366: Blowing Kisses

After receiving my Nutcracker Lea from Lati the last month, I’ve felt disconnected with my BJDs. I can assure you that this is what spurred my recent re-interest in Blythe. I had owned a CCC before, who I adopted out pretty soon (to my regret now!), but never hit it off with Blythe or the community. Anyways, I can’t exactly give up on Latis now because I’ve met so many awesome people through the community. Lati pictures get the most comments on my stream. I also ordered three dolls – yes, THREE – from Lati’s Le Petit Prince set @___@ I ordered before Lea came with all her imperfections, so I was kind of stuck with my decision. Since people are still waiting for their dolls from the Nutcracker release, I won’t be holding my breath for the LPP dolls to be shipped anytime in the 60 business day period they allow themselves.


I feel like I’m sort of floating around, not really belonging to one doll community anymore. Even though the Latis and Minifees I own are part of the larger BJD community, not that many people have the same overlap that I have with these dolls, so I end up getting the same people commenting only on pictures of mine that feature a specific doll that they themselves own. I mean, it makes sense. Just feel kind of lazy sometimes uploading photos, though! (Not that getting comments is the point of Flickr, of course.)

Doing the Photo A Day for 365 Days challenge for this year is proving to be quite fun. I decided to try this year since it’s a leap year and all. Sometimes I feel forced to take pictures, but other days I get really nice results. I felt that I was taking pictures often enough that it wouldn’t be too much of a challenge, and with the added bonus of owning an iphone with instagram, I can still get pictures on the days that I get home after the sun goes down or when I’m just too busy to be “artistic.”


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