Lati’s Wizard of Oz – HK Release

Lati's Wizard of Oz *__*
I’m a bit late in talkinga bout them here, but I’ve had my eyes set on Lati’s latest release. I think they did a great job with this one in the variation. I still would like to see more colors in their faceups rather than just seeing the orange again (look at Gilly!), but all these dolls are fantastic. These are the three I’m really hung up on.

1. Lion Bayer. I don’t like the Bayer mold and never thought it would ever appeal to me, but mannnn I love this one! And the lion’s my fave ❤ I'm almost thinking Lion Bayer's my first choice of the three!
2. An ELF Lami. I highly prefer elf ears to human ears after all! when I first got Eloise (my Halloween Kuroo), it seemed odd that she had human ears! I guess a lot of people out there don’t like the elf ears, though! Lami was the first Lati I fell in love with. How weird is it that I don’t have one yet? xP
3. Tinman Lea! Always a fave of mine. I love her faceup here (: I love the speckles in her eyes as well as her sad little faceup here! She looks very Lea-ish in this release, which I love! My brother was the tinman in his first production of Woz, while I was a munchkin .. LOL.

For now, though .. I’m still waiting on my paycheck. It seems like the other interns didn’t get paid, either. I talked to Raman yesterday, and he told me to talk to HR. I guess they’re working on processing them now, but I still don’t know when I’m getting the first two weeks’ paycheck OR if I’m getting my paycheck tonight either D: But Lati will stop taking orders on the 20th, so I still have lots of time. I’m still waiting on them to ship my LPP order, too /: I’m not too sure about Fox lea anymore after seeing owner pics .. They said the order will ship next week, but I doubt it, being Lati and all x:


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