Bremen Circus

The teaser pictures for Lati’s Bremen Circus release were put up last night. Ruki’s (?) faceup just reminds me of the NC release. I think their faceups aren’t unique nowadays, like they’re focusing on just putting out as many tans as possible. About the tans – I love them, of course. But I feel like all of a sudden, they’re focusing on the tan skin aspect of the releases. People have mentioned that by releasing so many tans, the dolls are getting more affordable. That’s really true – I expected the NC tans to go for higher prices on the market, but it seems like the demand either isn’t there, or the prices just keep falling because the initial list prices were too high. I’m glad that more people are able to afford buying dolls from the secondhand market. Someone had also mentioned that they don’t care that these dolls are “special.” Well, I see them as both personal “toys” and collectors’ items.

I’m also not too thrilled that they’re releasing dolls again so soon. Even though I got my Lea before the 60 days were up, she came to me with some pretty bad flaws. After that, I felt discouraged to buy from Lati again. Then I realized people are STILL waiting for NC dolls to even ship. Plus, they released a green limited line, and now the Bremen dolls are coming out in just over a week. Lati just has so much on their plates right now; when are they going to catch up again?

Enough of that! I can’t wait to see the rest of the dolls. Naturally, Lati releases are the funnest after dolly arrivals. I’m only looking to add a tan Miel to my family. I don’t think they’ll make another so soon after the LRRH limiteds, but we’ll see!


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