Lati’s Wizard of Oz – HK Release

Lati's Wizard of Oz *__*
I’m a bit late in talkinga bout them here, but I’ve had my eyes set on Lati’s latest release. I think they did a great job with this one in the variation. I still would like to see more colors in their faceups rather than just seeing the orange again (look at Gilly!), but all these dolls are fantastic. These are the three I’m really hung up on.

1. Lion Bayer. I don’t like the Bayer mold and never thought it would ever appeal to me, but mannnn I love this one! And the lion’s my fave ❤ I'm almost thinking Lion Bayer's my first choice of the three!
2. An ELF Lami. I highly prefer elf ears to human ears after all! when I first got Eloise (my Halloween Kuroo), it seemed odd that she had human ears! I guess a lot of people out there don’t like the elf ears, though! Lami was the first Lati I fell in love with. How weird is it that I don’t have one yet? xP
3. Tinman Lea! Always a fave of mine. I love her faceup here (: I love the speckles in her eyes as well as her sad little faceup here! She looks very Lea-ish in this release, which I love! My brother was the tinman in his first production of Woz, while I was a munchkin .. LOL.

For now, though .. I’m still waiting on my paycheck. It seems like the other interns didn’t get paid, either. I talked to Raman yesterday, and he told me to talk to HR. I guess they’re working on processing them now, but I still don’t know when I’m getting the first two weeks’ paycheck OR if I’m getting my paycheck tonight either D: But Lati will stop taking orders on the 20th, so I still have lots of time. I’m still waiting on them to ship my LPP order, too /: I’m not too sure about Fox lea anymore after seeing owner pics .. They said the order will ship next week, but I doubt it, being Lati and all x:

dnd Bubble


I went to the dollndoll website and saw that they planned to discontinue Bubble and some of the other Heart dolls as basics! For this goodbye event, Bubble was listed at 30% off her regular price! The event was only extended until the end of June, but I was still able to order her yesterday with a confirmation from the company! ^__^

I’m so excited that I’m going to have my own Bubble! After looking at more owner pictures, I feel like I’m really going to love her when she arrives! The problem is she’ll be my first Yo-SD, meaning I have no clothes for her X: Well, some Blythe sized clothes fit this line of dolls, so hopefully she’ll have something she can wear ^__^; I actually had planned to get Pukifee Pong for my next doll if I didn’t like Lati’s HK limiteds, but I couldn’t pass up basic Bubble, who has been on my wishlist since the first time I saw her picture!


So we started playing MS again today because Jett came out xD Ahh, good times. But everything is SO mega convenient now that it’s sort of strange! I miss old Maple, but it’s fun the way it is now, too! It’s so easy to level up, which makes things fun I suppose (: Anyways. My Jett is only level 31 for now .. Hopefully I can play again sometime this week. I guess the good thing about working compared to going to school is no homework!! Especially for my job where I have to culture cells .. Can’t really do anything at home! 😛

It’s been a while, but ..!

I have something to show off this time! (: Marceline was finally completed in a way that’s acceptable enough for me haha.

I think I might add different shades of brown to her eyeshadow + add some more colors to her blush as well. I actually wanted to give her two teeth, but I have issues with making things symmetrical haha. So I scrapped the second tooth and just kept this one (:

Oops! I seem to be partial to her red eyes, haha. I have other pictures with her other eyechips, but I guess I’ll show them off another day (:

New toys!


So after taking a break from Lati Yellows, I really miss having them as my photo subjects x: Nothing really photographs as well as they do because of their uber-cuteness hehe. I got these Squinkies (FINALLY) using Iana’s amazon gift card. They are the perfect size for LYs. Who would’ve guessed, right? Now I need to get the other princess sets! Nothing else out there really calls out to me, except the Avengers series for my possible future LY boy. Don’t know if that will ever come to fruition, though. I have bad luck bonding with boys ):

151/366: Metallo!!

Yesterday, we ate at Mitsuwa, and Mom bought me all kinds of things, heh. I got 4 new folders. (WOOO! All the ones I’m using now are falling apart already.) Then I got a One Piece and Unicorno blind box. Although I really wanted Stellina, I’m so happy with Metallo! He’s such a cutie ((: So those are my updates for now .. I’m still waiting on Lati to ship out the LPP dolls. I think a few more people have started to get their shipment notices now (: I hope Lati can make their deadline of June 11th! Although I wouldn’t complain if they were late and I got points! That would give me about $215-230, depending on how Lati calculates it!


Something of an update!

138/366: WIP

This is what she looks like currently .. I’m really sad I carved out so much. Now that I painted the first face I carved, I like the cat-like smile better. This one just looks like she got hurt x: I might turn her into something else later or scrap it completely. From this angle, her lips don’t look as crazy, but from the front, I feel like they’re way too full! Anyways. I’ll probably sell this face plate on eBay or sell the doll as bait and then buy another D:

Would you call this progress?

I got my alpaca re-rooted scalp from Pip in the mail yesterday! 😀 I have no idea where my Prairie Posie is, though! <___< I feel like sellers constantly mark my items as shipped when all they've done is printed out a shipping label I: That should not count if they don't ship within the next business day. So now I've got a tracking number that doesn't work because my package hasn't been accepted yet – so it probably won't work until Monday at this rate rawr. I've already got the eyechips I want to use for her, but I'm still waiting on other supplies from Coolcat so I can start practicing carving on my RBL faceplate! Waiting for international mail is hard! xD

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